I worked very intensely for thirty-four years to take a personal experience and turn it into a written product capable of being understood and analyzed. I did that solely because I believed with all of my mind, body and soul that the information received and to be shared was important, and was the essential purpose of my life. The basic formula for all information produced has been placed in Phase I; individually applied in Phase II; professionally applied to Abused and Neglected children in Phase III; professionally applied to Juvenile Justice in Phase IV; and finally, professionally applied to a Proposed Solution to various social problems which I have seen in the Group Home children, children in jails, and to children in various large pockets within the Inner City.
    In using the word 'Teachings', I do so only in the context of specific references to actual materials produced and used in the practice of the profession of Teacher. In my opinion, only work that has stood the test of time, and has been scrutinized and analyzed by successive generations, passing those rigorous tests, is worthy of the 'Teachings' label in the broader sense.
    That having been said, I have been fascinated by the mind and learning for all of the past thirty-four years. For me personally, learning new things, and achieving intellectual growth and breakthroughs, are among the greatest experiences offered by Life. I believe that the number of such breakthroughs is a direct function of the intensity and focus of applied mental energy to diverse and increasingly difficult challenges and situations.
    In my case, I spent seven years applying Program principles in my own day to day existence prior to attempting any implementation in the professional setting. Since that first experience, which dramatically impacted on my mind and yielded much new information, I have been extremely fortunate to have worked in many diverse, extremely intense settings into which I poured every ounce of energy. Along the way, as indicated in the posted website material, blocks of information directly connected to the setting in which I was functioning simply 'appeared'. The outline in Phase I, section D, is almost completely comprised of this type of information. Over time, the categories in Phase I, Section D, will be expanded to full text.
    During the professional aspects of my teaching career, there has been a production of theoretical and concrete teaching materials. This portion of the website is designed to share everything from the theoretical framework of teaching in the Correctional setting to handouts used in the classroom. Any teachers reading this who want to use that material, are completely free to do so. I will also share work on projects currently being undertaken as time and space permit.
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