This section, like this web site, is a work in constant progress. The Law section is ultimately designed to provide a forum for a wide range of talented professionals to share information which can be used to enlighten all of us about children's rights under the Constitution and laws of the various states. I believe children's rights will emerge as a exploding area of legal activity during the next twenty years.
    Separated families, foster care, educational funding issues, increased abuse, and Constitutional rights for children, create areas which will become increasingly important to the states themselves. If children do not receive the proper life structure through traditional channels, he or she must receive it elsewhere, or the result will be predictable: unnecessarily damaged children, with an enormously negative impact and drain on Society as a whole.
    The Law, of course, is not confined to written codes; indeed, every written code is subordinate to the great laws from which they came: Divine Laws, the laws of Nature, the Universe, the Seasons, Ethical Laws, and on and on forever. Everyone in the United States is governed by American laws from the time of conception until after the time of death. As children, young adults, adults, and old adults, we have our own set of laws, in addition to the general laws of Society. We have the Ten Commandments, Hammurabi' s Code, as we have the laws of evolution and the laws of the jungle. The Law is infinite.
    I had the great privilege to study and learn law under the direction of some brilliant legal minds, and I am eternally in their debt for the tools they provided me and my classmates. Their insight, wisdom, and legal skills generally, create the majority of my legal foundation. My legal mind gained great intensity in the application of this foundation while I functioned as a law professor at the University of Miami School of Law. This latter assignment was for six and one half years, ending two years prior to the time I began working with at risk, abused, and incarcerated minors in 1984. I spoke to bar associations throughout California on the Uniform Commercial Code during the middle and late 1990's, and recently was privileged to teach a course at Stetson University College of Law in the summer of 2001.
    All of this legal background is designed to put comments made in this section into a context which will allow greater communication. The starting point is my debt to my teachers. From there I continued applying the muscular aspects of the brain to my training (Phase I), which the resulting legal base growing geometrically during my teaching time. (This was fueled by the fear factor of facing 145-160 students in a class.) That base, coupled with two decades of working with abused, neglected and incarcerated minors leads me to many conclusions about legal issues pertaining to children's rights.
    Within that context , I would like to emphasize my belief in the vital importance of following legal mandates as they pertain to the legal rights of children generally, with a special emphasis on the constitutional and statutory rights of a child right to receive an education. All children have the right to an education. The United States Supreme Court has interpreted this to mean, among other things, the right to an equal education. This is a fundamental guarantee of the Constitution, and indeed of higher laws. Failure here results in individual suffering, and the collective suffering of Society.
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